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Build…to lead

Schools have immense potential to serve as spaces for teachers to flourish, learn and collaborate to transform learning and teaching. There is nothing more powerful than a group of reflective practitioners opening up their legacy of years of teaching experience to other practicing teachers as live, experiential labs of learning. This learning exchange provides a strong foundation for novice teachers and also carves out a pathway for mentor teachers to develop as Instructional Leaders, sharing the responsibility of teacher development in schools.

I Am A Teacher’s Certificate Programme in Instructional Leadership (CPIL) is for highly effective educators who make learning deeper and more meaningful for students. The programme focuses on cultivating the leader within by helping educators connect with their true selves. Leadership is grounded in a personal theory of teaching and learning that stems from their experiences in the classroom and with children. CPIL draws on theoretical perspectives and evidence based practice from Kegan, Vygotsky, Danielson as well as frameworks of effective teaching, leadership and collaborative coaching practices. By making school into a learning laboratory, this programme builds the school’s capacity for continuous improvement in teaching and learning.

Certificate Programme in Instructional Leadership

The certificate programme is a four-month-long intensive blended learning programme in Instructional Leadership. During the course, candidates build upon their prior teaching experience to learn how to support teachers in a school setting aimed at collaborative curriculum development, implement coaching tools, skills and strategies and develop as skilled mentors who can scaffold deeper learning for teacher cohorts. This is the beginning of their continuous learning and skill enhancement. Upon successful completion of the programme, Instructional Leaders continue to use, expand and refine their skills by coaching teacher cohorts of the school and beyond.

Benefits to the school

  • Highly skilled coaches ready to lead and facilitate learning of teachers .
  • A sustainable coaching system that incorporates professional development of teachers.
  • A structured method of assessing the progress of your teachers.
  • A complete framework & toolkit for professional teacher development.
  • Rise in the quality of student learning through structured coaching .

Programme Highlights

Intensive Coaching

During intensive workshops participants develop an understanding of the frameworks of effective teaching and reflect on their practice. They learn the principles and practices of inquiry based coaching, learn strategies for supporting new teachers and plan to engage peers in a coaching relationship.

An IAAT Teacher Educator who remains in touch online as well as through direct coaching in the participant’s school guides each participant through a structured coaching process.

Integrating Theory & Practical

The coursework seamlessly blends principles and practices of mentoring, enables participants to understand principles of child and adult learning as well as an experiential approach to education in a deep and relatable fashion.

School-based Model of Teacher Development

The programme provides a robust model of teacher development through school based mentoring that can be easily integrated and adapted within the existing systems and structures.

Review and Feedback

Participants produce video clips of classroom practice and coaching conversations. They review the clips with their peers and the IAAT Teacher Educator for review and constructive feedback.

Online Coaching and Resource Centre

Participants utilize the online platform to upload videos and assignments and download resources. They access the online platform for learning and cohort development.

Portfolio Documentation

Participants document their learning in a portfolio consisting of written assignments, reflections, video clips and coaching conversation reports.

Benefits for Instructional Leadership Candidates

  • Gain in-depth understanding of the principles of adult learning with a focus on coaching teachers towards building experiential learning classrooms.
  • Deeply understand the principles of school based mentoring and a repertoire of tools and techniques of coaching teacher cohorts.
  • Use facilitation skills to help colleagues work collaboratively to refine instructional practice, make educational decisions, and promote meaningful change in curriculum, instruction, and assessment resulting in improved teaching practices and student achievement.
  • Develop substantial mentoring practice experience by getting individually coached under experienced teacher educators of IAAT.
  • Rise in the quality of student learning through structured coaching .
  • Attend specialized online sessions by the Teacher Education faculty at the Boston Teacher Residency College, USA.
  • Maintain a personal plan for self-improvement and continuous learning.
Course Overview