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If you feel that your schooling has failed you even as you have succeeded in it….

If you are troubled to see knowledge fragmented, information crammed and students on the assembly line....

If you thrive in communities and love to collaborate….

If you dream of a new world where learning is meaningful and have the passion for making a difference...

You are exactly who
we are looking for


Think of what could happen if youngsters like you cultivated their personal dreams around education...

FLY is a vibrant and intensive two-year programme that provides an immersive experience in education for youth. The fellowship combines the richness offered by first-hand experience of classrooms in a progressive school setting with a rigorous study of teaching learning processes to give them a breadth of perspectives. FLY fellows become adept at theoretical implications of educational practices that are grounded in their experiential work with students. The fellowship experience gears them to become enablers of change.

1Year One
is centred around being a student of learning and teaching in an experiential mentorshipsetup. Fellows will learn and dialogue with expert pedagogues in the country and be placed in a classroom with an experienced mentor teacher.

2Year Two
is centred around working in a government school context undergoing reform to a progressive setup. Fellows will have the responsibility of students, teacher and  curriculum development and community outreach. An individualised project helps fellows to consolidate their learnings in a creative way that has real world impact.

The Fly Journey


Exploreinner self


Expandknowledge & skills


Constructpersonal theory
of education


Initiateaction & change

Fellowship Details

  • FLY is a full-time two year programme with limited seats
  • Full scholarship in Year One & placement at Heritage Xperiential Learning School Gurgaon
  • Competitive monthly stipend in Year Two along with placement in a government school
  • Highly motivated graduates from any field are welcome to apply
  • Bachelor’s students in their final year are also eligible
  • We have a rolling admissions process
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