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I listen… To the wind
To the words said or unsaid
To the laughter and cries
To the child in me
And the child outside
I have wings
I can fly
Fly to different worlds
Worlds that we together create
With our hearts and with our minds
I dance with you
I am with you, my child
And learn with you
I am joyous
I am me
I am a teacher

To reform education in India by preparing a critical mass of teachers who are highly capable, passionate and lead change in and through classrooms.

“The status of the teacher reflects the socio-cultural ethos of a society; it is said that no people can rise above the level of its teachers.” The National Policy on Education, 1986

It is imperative that we prepare our teachers to build the new India of our dreams. If we want to effect any fundamental change in the education system, it has to begin at the level of the teachers. We envision school intervention and teacher preparation as one coherent whole and not two separate processes. We recommend a model where practice and theory, school change and teacher education come together.

Teachers share their dreams and aspirations about Teacher Education

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