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Nations are built in classrooms

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If you’re eager to tackle the most crucial questions in education, challenge yourself, and dream of a new world — then let’s get started.

PGDLT - Mumbai Centre, American School of Bombay

We took the first decisive step by the launch of Post Graduate Diploma in Learning Teaching (PGDLT)at Gurgaon. Over a decade of working with teachers at The Heritage Schools had shown us how teachers aren’t merely the life and blood of schools, but of entire nations and civilisations. What were we to do with this massive realization? How were we going to share the learnings from this work with the wider world? How were we going to become the much needed catalysts of change in the education system? It seemed essential, it seemed inevitable; in an act of courage we took that first step and I Am A Teacher was born.

Furthering our vision, we have launched the Mumbai center in partnership with the American School of Bombay as our host school. Founded in 1981, the American School of Bombay has established itself as a premier international institution of K-12 learning. It upholds a belief in empowered teachers who are able to nurture thriving learning communities. By opening its classrooms to students of the PGDLT programme, ASB is strengthening its status as a professional learning centre that develops world class educators. 

Post Graduate Diploma in Learning and Teaching (PGDLT) is an innovative, practice-based, one-year full-time program for individuals interested in becoming agents who create deep and meaningful learning environments for children. Student teachers spend a year in the classrooms of the American School of Bombay (ASB) and simultaneously undertake carefully aligned sequence of coursework. Besides working alongside master teachers from The American School, aspiring teachers are also mentored and guided by a coach who help them draw meaningful connections between classroom and the latest in education theory and research.

Core Features of PGDLT


A mindful outlook on education: being conscious of what we are doing, feeling and thinking and relating to people and practices.


A conscious attempt at helping student teachers make strong connections between theory and practice to build a reflective disposition.


An experiential model of learning rooted in practice that builds on students’ experiences and connections in real classroom situations.


Extensive support to student teachers through cognitive coaching and mentoring by experienced practicing teachers and teacher educators in the field.

The PGDLT Advantage

  • Learn from esteemed faculty who recognize potential and help you realize yours.
  • Have the guidance of a teacher educator at every step throughout your program of study and gain valuable teaching experience in partnership with a collaborating teacher at ASB.
  • Learn as you would teach - in a demonstrative, experiential learning environment.
  • Specialize in designing and delivering 21st century curriculum.
  • Develop as a mindful educator who appreciates diversity in learners and creates strong learning community in classrooms.
  • Get full support in transitioning into becoming an educator through our placement services.