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Facilitating change in and through classrooms

Teachers are life-long learners! They are forever looking for inspiration and innovation to make their classrooms more engaging; ideas to go beyond the pages of the textbook; facilitate learning as opposed to impart knowledge; reflect within while continuously keeping eye on the larger picture.

Committed teachers, go on to become role-models and examples for others to emulate. They inspire and encourage their students, peers and superiors.

As we see our leaders in education step up to the plate and go from heroes to superheroes during this pandemic, I Am A Teacher introduces short-courses for teachers - to help you hone your skills, learn to take some time off for yourself, adapt to the new and unfamiliar situations you find yourselves in while never compromising on the quality of care and commitment you bring to your classrooms.

The IAAT Advantage:

Every course offered has a well thought-out curriculum to aid teacher's learning and growth in the current context and is facilitated by world-renowned faculty providing the latest resources and research in the field. Each short-course offers an opportunity to become part of a collaborative community of teachers, teacher-leaders, mentors & coaches

What differentiates the IAAT short-courses -


1. Short duration

2. Courses taken independently or as a continuum

3. Certification upon completion

Content & Process:

1. Curated and relevant content, tools and video links

2. Simulation of concepts - content is not simply delivered, but experienced

3. Interactive & dialogic approach - interactions and practices aimed at creating a participative experience

4. Modelling of best practices - demonstrative pedagogy as one of the pillars of facilitation

5. Collaborative learning protocols - courses aimed at creating collaborative cohorts and empowering participants with the tools to create the right environment for learning

Courses Offered

The courses offered may be broadly categorised under the following heads.